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Zero Gravity Portfolio Statement, 2002~

I am fascinated by humanity’s desire to understand and explain the reality of our physical world. Religion, Philosophy, Science and Art relentlessly offer evolving theories and paradigms of thought. I have chosen to participate in this dialogue by using the visual language of photography. I make a photograph without acknowledging the ephemeral states of space, gravity or time. I conceive my images as though the objects spring from pure blackness, spontaneously and beautifully. I deify the subject and empathize with its timeless nature. Photography is a unique art form. Just as life on our planet is impossible without light, photography can’t exist without light. It is the essence that sculpts and reveals beauty, animating the living energy in all things. I want light to course through the subject with the life force of blood coursing through my veins. By allowing photography to be a passage to a heightened awareness, it becomes a vehicle towards transcendence.

Images in this series are available as silver gelatin prints on 8x10 paper. Signed and numbered, limited edition of 20.